Creating a Great Relationship With Your Body

Creating a Great Relationship With Your Body

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Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who was in constant judgment of you? Or perhaps a friend that never really listens to what you are saying but rather ignores you? Not much fun, is it?

This describes the way many of us function in our relationship with our body. Our body is always there, contributing to us, taking care of us, making sure we get where we need to go and often times our response is judgment of how bad and wrong it is and a choice to ignore it completely.

What if you could create a different relationship with your body; one of kindness, caring and communion? What if you began to ask your body questions and truly listen to what it has to say? What if you actually asked your body about everything that concerns it?

Here are 10 Things Your Body Would Tell You If Your Were Listening, featured in my guest post on Maria Shriver’s Blog.

These are the keys to creating a relationship with your body that is based on gratitude and communion rather than judgment.



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