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“All at the same time I felt connected
to everything, to everyone on the phone, to the molecules that were all around me and to everyone in the world.  It was like being able to invite everyone in the world to the vibration of oneness.”



Global ESC’s with Dr. Dain Heer

Are you looking to constantly expand everything you are and everything you do? Would you like to more easily embody the changes occurring on the planet and in consciousness itself?

You are invited to travel the world with Dr. Dain Heer & Access Consciousness in a totally new way … one where YOU get to access, contribute to and play with the energy, space and consciousness of different places, spaces and energies around the world.

There are certain things that can be unlocked and accessed differently in different parts of the world. And, each class in Access Consciousness has a unique transformative energy that facilitates change in present time with what is currently going on in the world.

The Traveling ESC is a new format for the Energetic Synthesis of Communion global telecall that will allow you to utilize all of this in a way that contributes to you, your body and the future you are here to create…
What is an ESC & how do you participate on a telecall?
You could call it a kind of meditation, if you require a word. We suggest you put your phone on speaker and lay down, perceiving, receiving and being the energies of communion and of all other beings on the phone – and, if you’re willing, maybe the entire Universe.

“I purposely do not define this… It is only when you define something you can limit it.” -Dain Heer

How does it work?
– It is easy! The call-in info will be emailed to you the before the first call.
– You can send in questions to Dain prior to the call to address the changes and experiences you are having in your life and are noticing in the world.
– You can call in via a landline, Skype or listen to the call online.
– If you can’t make a call, you can listen to the recording that comes a couple of days later.

What you’ll receive…
Four one hour adventures in the Energetic Synthesis of Communion on the phone with Dr. Dain Heer live from advanced classes around the world.

A downloadable recording of the ESC including the Q and A part and an additional recording with just the session part of the ESC.

Who can participate?
Anyone who has taken either Access Bars, Foundation & Level 1 OR the Being You 3.5 Day Event.

***No Telecalls Currently Scheduled, you can participate in a LIVE ESC at Level 2&3 classes where Dr. Dain Heer is present.


Traveling ESC 2

What people say about the ESC…

My whole body was floating and expanding and changing. Any areas where there had been pain was visited, enlightened and enlivened; the light energy that floated in through and around me was extraordinary.

I felt the energy of the participants around the world and it seemed so beautiful that the energy transference taking place was a worldwide event – somehow this enlivened and expanded what was already a truly magnificent experience.”
– Chris

Wow! This was my first ESC…and I have to say I am not easily impressed with guided meditations…but this was FANTASTIC and soul-blowing….

– Carol

A 20 Min Audio Taster..

A Ten Minute Taster… Just for you!