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A suite of classes and audios to create everything you desire
and to change the things in your life that you haven’t been able to change
until now.


What if it is our differences embraced rather than judged and made wrong, that will bring about a greater world? ~ Dain Heer



Buckle up, get out those earbuds of yours, and take the change wherever you go!

Welcome to You Got This! A new audio series, available via app, with your daily dose of consciousness, quick pick me ups, and reality benders from Dr. Dain Heer.

Not sure where to start?

Check out our favorites below or see the full list of audios here.


  • Can’t Fall Asleep? (12 min)

    Listen, relax, and have Dr. Dain lull you back to a peaceful sleep. 


  • Waking Up with Wings (7 min)

    Let’s get your wings back and fly today!


  • Ending Fudgehead (8 min)

    Give your body some energetic caffeine today!



Is now the time to create your life?

Explore a suite of classes and audios using a unique set of tools and questions to create everything you desire, or check out these bestsellers below!


  • Ending Your Monkey Mind

    Imagine if 98% of the stuff that was in your head yesterday, left and never came back?


  • 7 Steps To Change Money

    What if everything you’ve ever learned about or decided about money is out-of-date or incorrect?


  • Finding Your Happy

    Would you like a different perspective when things seem tough?