What if eating more than you need, or eating what your body has no interest in consuming, are just two of the ways you may have been practiced out of listening to what your body is trying to tell you?

What if there are a dozen more? Or maybe more like a thousand more?

Is now the time to listen to your body in a completely new way?

Welcome to this 3-part series of Free Lives with Dr. Dain Heer based off his most recent book, Body Whispering, a New Way of Seeing, Being & Healing.

Welcome To The Body Whispering Book Club!

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Free 3-Part Bookclub With Dr Dain Heer

Energy - Relearning Your First Language
Aug 29, 12 pm Houston 
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Is it possible that your body has been trying to communicate with you for a long, long time?

And how? With your first language. The language that is more sophisticated and more instantaneous than words: energy.

What if we have so much more available to us than we realize? 

Let’s turn off our busy minds and start to tap into the incredible inner awareness that you naturally have

The catalyst for change is all about movement, momentum and flow - and what better way to keep momentum going than to ask questions, and BE the question?

When you step away from searching for answers, cures, and solutions, people and their bodies can change and heal from a much more open place.

A question allows us to get to the heart, or the crux, of any situation in a flash. Questions break down walls, let light and space in — they let chaos in and they allow us to see 

what’s keeping us stuck. Asking questions creates more space, more freedom, and more joy. It’s how we create more of a healing change and it’s what marks us - YOU - out as a body whisperer.

Being in the Question
Sept 9, 12 pm Houston (Find your local time 

Judgment is a killer. It’s a killer of possibilities, it’s a killer of space, it’s a killer of energy, it’s a killer of joy, it’s a killer of happiness.

Moreover, it’s the number one cause of pain, suffering and illness on the planet. As a body whisperer, understanding more about judgment and its destructive and limiting nature puts you in a place where you can bring change into your own world and the world of the people you work on with real ease. Let’s explore how to change this ingrained habit and drop it altogether.

Letting Go of Judgment
Sept 2, 12 pm Houston (Find your local time 

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Discover The Body Whispering Book!

What if starting a conversation with your body could be the beginning of the best friendship you’ve ever had?

If you happen to have a body, then come and discover the book that inspired this bookclub!