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Are you a dreamer? Then this is for you! I've created this free video series to invite you to discover what else could be possible… Would you be interested in creating a new reality? Would you like to have the tools to do that? Then, sign up here…

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What  if  just by BEING you, you could change the world?

I am so grateful you are here. Fourteen years ago I was given an amazing gift… some really different tools which totally changed my life!  What if you could celebrate how different you are and have always been, instead of judging you? Could this be the beginning of creating what you always desired for you, your body — and the world. ~Dr. Dain Heer Sign up above, and start the adventure!


Dr. Dain Heer recently facilitated a world changing Access Bars Class and it was live-streamed worldwide from Brisbane, Australia! You can purchase the replay video of this class in the Access Shop. The Bars are the very core and foundation of Access Consciousness. It can be the starting point of a great adventure and it can be something you add to your life that will assist you in creating ease and greater possibilities. To purchase the replay of this class go here!


What if who you are is far greater than you have ever acknowledged?  Is now the time to create a greater life and a reality truly worth playing in? What if the tools to create greater possibilities are available? These events are not about finding you or fixing you…they’re about creating the YOU and the life you’ve always known is possible!  3.5 Day Events coming to San Diego In August and Paris in September. Get a taste of Being You, Changing the World  Go here! 


hangoutbookclub2015_webThis is a very special google hangout series, created to invite everyone to know that the tools to create a different world are available! It’s based on Dr. Dain Heer’s international best seller Being You, Changing the World. The original series started in 2014 and because of the gratitude and amazing feedback we’ve received, we launched a new series of hangouts in 2015! To get all the replays and chapters,  go here!

"What if you could create great things from beyond this reality if you were willing to be functional in and through this reality, but not owned by it? Would you be willing to try that? Today?"

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