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Are you a dreamer? Then this is for you! I've created this free video series to invite you to discover what else could be possible… Would you be interested in creating a new reality? Would you like to have the tools to do that? Then, sign up here…

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What  if  just by BEING you,
you could change the world?

I am so grateful you are here. Fourteen years ago I was given an amazing gift… some really different tools which totally changed my life!  What if you could celebrate how different you are and have always been, instead of judging you? Could this be the beginning of creating what you always desired for you, your body
— and the world. ~Dr. Dain Heer
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Being You Book Club

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 2.48.44 PM   For me, 2014 has been about awakening a level of consciousness on the planet…where everything exists and nothing is judged…including you.  Together my friends, WE can change the world. You’re invited to join me in exploring the change that is possible when you’re willing to truly BE YOU!  Did you watch the bonus hangout “How to Survive the Holidays and Still Be You?”  Sign up here, it’s FREE!

The Being You Events


What if you could create a greater life and a reality worth playing in? What if the tools to create greater possibilities are available? These events are not about finding you or fixing you…they’re about creating the YOU and the life you’ve always known is possible!  Get a Taste of Being at an upcoming event in India & Australia!  Go here! 

The Awareness Revolution


Have you noticed that more people are waking up around you? That change is faster? That your connection to the planet is greater? That your tolerance for stupidity has severely diminished? I invite you to experience a space created continuously to awaken, empower and inspire a level of awareness that changes worlds.  Go here!

"What if you were willing to acknowledge how very very VERY different you truly are? And fully ENJOY it?"

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