Being You Classes | Dr. Dain Heer

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What if you are NOT the problem?

How many times have you felt like YOU were the problem, and things would just be easier if you changed to “fit the mold”?


Here’s the bombshell: you have NEVER been the problem.

*record scratch*
*sirens in the distance*
*the earth shifts on its axis*


What if you are actually the solution the world needs? Yes – the WORLD!

Based on the ‘Being You, Changing The World’ book and facilitated exclusively by Dr. Dain Heer, this series of classes is about the transforming power of being you.


These classes are for you if you:

Are tired of fighting the fact that you are “different’.

Want to CHANGE your reality and the world.

Feel like your life shouldn’t be this hard.


This course is NOT for you if you:

Want to remain the same.

Don’t want to change the world.

Have no desire to embrace YOU.

Want to keep feeling like life won’t ever be easy for you.


Think of it as the ultimate fusion of two ingredients: 1 cup of the tools of Access Consciousness + 1 cup of the energetic exploration = something you’ve always known is possible but has never really dared to imagine!


What if you truly being you are the gift, the change, and the possibility this world requires?