Being You, Changing the World Classes | Dr. Dain Heer

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The Being You, Changing the World classes are facilitated exclusively by Dr. Dain Heer, author of the international best selling book Being You, Changing the World. An energy transformation virtuoso, international speaker and co-creator of Access Consciousness, Dain is best known for his unique energetic transformation process, called The Energetic Synthesis of Being (ESB).


Please know, choosing to come to one of these classes

could totally change the way you function in the world…


These classes build on the tools presented in his bestselling book and uses the elements of the ESB to invite you to step into the greatness of you. Dain works simultaneously with the beings and bodies in the class to create a space that allows the change you are asking for to come to be. In working with one person, the whole class is invited to that transformation.


These classes provide you with tools that can assist you in changing any area of your life: your relationships, your body, your money situation and your future!

There are no prerequisites and every event is uniquely created by the people who choose to come. Together, we’ll go on a journey of creation…to a space that has never existed before. What if you, truly being you, is the gift and change the world requires?



Being You Changing the world



MAY 2023