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Dr. Dain Heer



What if healing, changing and enjoying your body is much, much easier than you think?



Would you be willing to try this? Close your eyes. Put your hands on your face. Feel your face in your hands, your hands on your face. Take a deep breath in. Notice how it feels to be present with your body. Connect with your body and say: “Thank you for you. How much fun can we have today?

Your Body Is A Gift! Do You Enjoy It?

What if you heal people by just being you? What if that is how you heal yourself as well? Are you aware that you’re the one inviting change to occur? Even with your body… What else is possible for you that has never been possible before?

Would you like a taste of how easily change can be facilitated with bodies?

In this video I invite you to check out the Key-Note Speech I did in Denver, Colorado, called ‘Healing, Changing and Enjoying Your Body’.

It is a 2 hour class, full of practical tools and techniques for inviting joyful new possibilities with bodies, healing and living. You can actually purshase it as an online class from the Access TV Channel and the cost is USD $20. Easy-peasy and it may change the way you BE with your body…

Here is the link: ONLINE CLASS

Just check if it is light for you and your body.

Your body knows.  🙂

Thank you for you!