Dr. Dain Heer



There’s no such thing as a money problem. It’s actually all about your willingness to receive.

What if money isn’t the issue? What if it’s actually about how much you’re willing to receive? Would receiving more allow you to contribute more to you, to everyone around you — and the world? What if the purpose of money was to change people’s lives and to change people’s realities?

Receiving Money and Receiving You

The first time I heard this, I didn’t get it. ‘Surely, I have a money problem,’ I thought, ‘I’m stressed about it all the time.’ Yet I played with the tools and kept asking questions. And then I realized one of the prime areas of my life that I was cutting off was in the area of receiving.

When you cut off your receiving, you cut off your receiving of everything, including money. Simply put, change the area of receiving and change your money situation.

A lot of people think, ‘I can finally be me when I have enough money’ or ‘I can finally be happy’, or ‘I’ll finally have value’. Yet it just doesn’t work that way.

This video is a real simple start on a couple of things you can do to change your money situation now.

In the video, I also invite you to check out my online course called, Change How You Function With Money*.

It’s a course with 8 different videos, homeplay PDF’s for all of the sections, and it’s designed to move you from worry and stress into freedom and peace with money and finances.

This is perhaps a really cool way to change that thing called money. When it starts showing up a little bit or a lot more you start to realize you really can change things.

That is what I would like for you my friend ­ to know that you are capable of changing anything ­including the area of money.

Thank you for the courage to look for something different and the willingness to go for it!


*In the video I refer to Udemy, which is the previous site that hosted my course. This same course is now sold on Kajabi.