Dr. Dain Heer



When you ask a question (just like we talked about in the last video) it brings up the energy that is creating the limitations. None of your limitations are as solid as it feels like they are!


If you look at the room you are in now, the walls look solid right? But science tells us that the walls are 99.99999% space. What if the limitations in your life work in exactly the same way? What if you can’t walk through the wall but there is a lot of space there and you just can’t see it right now?

So, the tool for today is ‘The Clearing Statement’

Ask your question… wait for a few moments, then use the clearing statement:  “Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds”  to create space where before it felt solid. When you create space around the situation, new possibilities can show up.

It really is that easy!  What would YOU like to change with ease?  If you playfully ask any of the questions in the video 3 – 30 times, you’ll start to feel the energy as it shifts and changes.

So, would you be willing to keep asking ‘What process could I run that could change this situation?’ between now and the next video?  I wonder what could show up in your world if you keep POD & POC’ing everything that doesn’t allow you to choose more ease and joy for you?

Remember, you can never destroy you… You can only let go of, uncreate and destroy what is defining you, limiting you and keeping you stuck. So we’re just uncreating and destroying all the globs of stuff that are hiding your beauty from the world!

Go shine!


P.S.  Here is an audio download for you of me explaining the clearing statement! DOWNLOAD