Dr. Dain Heer



If you want to have an enjoyable life, make choices that make you feel light when you think about them, because those are the ones that will lead to more lightness when you choose them.

There are three tools for today!

I promised you three easy tools for making choices and here they are!

The first tool is asking ‘Does this feel light or heavy?’ and going with what feels light for you… We’ve already talked about how it works… light and luscious or heavy and hellish is your quick reminder… What are you going to choose?

The second tool is to ask a question:  “Will this be a contribution to my life and living?”  You’ll know if it is a yes or no – simple!!

And the third tool is the one that most simply allows us to bypass our overthinking mind! If our logical mind could really make the best decision for us, we would already have the most fabulous life imaginable… Right?

Ask these questions and observe the energy of each time-frame.

What will the energy of my life be like and what result will it create in my life if I do this class (take this job, go out with this person) in the next six months? Next 12 months? Next 2 years?

Which of these feel more expansive, more exuberant, larger and lighter to YOU? Only you know.  Whatever you choose, follow your knowing… It will always lead to you being more of you!

And you thought choosing was hard…


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Yep, you know that as well!