Dr. Dain Heer



Have you noticed how often we go ‘That’s impossible’… making our limited thinking into a statement of fact, or a foregone conclusion? One of the greatest tools I ever discovered is how asking a question can open up possibilities.

The question is the key to opening other doorways of possibility. You’ll never see those doors and you’ll never even know they are there – let alone be able to open them – if you don’t ask a question. thought all the stuff in my head was mine.  And then I discovered that it was actually all the stuff I was aware of in the world around me.  Do you know you can’t handle a problem that isn’t yours? You don’t have to do anything about it!

What’s different with this tool is we ask questions to open doors to possibilities, rather than trying to find the answer to our questions.  Did you know that answering questions mostly just limits our possibilities?

“A question empowers, an answer dis-empowers.” Has your incessant search for the right answer given you what you desire yet?  If not, what if you started to ask some questions that could create more possibilities?  Start with:

What’s possible?

So, what else is possible? What if you could change anything?  These four questions is a great place to start!  Remember to leave a few moments between your questions to allow the energy to show up — and whatever you do, don’t go searching for answers!

  1. What is this?
  2. What do I do with this?
  3. Can I change it?
  4. How do I change it?

This is a simple way of following the energy rather than getting lost in your own private labyrinth of conclusions. What if you are way more aware than you’ve ever been willing to see before?  What if using these questions could create more possibilities than you can imagine?

Thank you for BEING YOU!