Dr. Dain Heer



If it is light for you – go there. If it doesn’t contract you or make you smaller or require you to cut off parts of yourself – go there! If it expands you and gives you a sense of possibility and space – go there! You are the one creating your life! What if you, being you, are light?

I thought all the stuff in my head was mine.  And then I discovered that it was actually all the stuff I was aware of in the world around me.  Do you know you can’t handle a problem that isn’t yours? You don’t have to do anything about it!

So, the tool for today is ‘Who does this belong to?’

How much of your life have you spent believing that the sense of wrongness you perceive is really yours, when in actuality it’s what you’re aware of in the world around you? So, truth, is it yours or someone else’s? Or a lot of someone else’s?

This is the time to ask this question: Who does this belong to?

If all of a sudden you get lighter, it is because it isn’t yours. You can return it to sender. Yes! Just return it. Please get this: 98 percent of all your feelings, emotions and thoughts do not belong to you! They are someone else’s. But what you’re aware of feels just like you—even though it’s not.

The only way you’re ever going to tell the difference is by asking the question: Who does this belong to?

Ask it, and if it lightens up at all, it isn’t yours. You, being you, are light. You trying to be someone else, are heavy. It is that easy! What if none of it was yours?  Would there be a whole lot less trauma and drama in your life?  Would you have more peace and knowing of what is true for you?

You know… change can be easy… and what if being a little different is all it takes to create this ease?  Would you be willing to be the difference that makes everything you truly desire possible?  It truly is just a choice!

Go play… I would love to know what becomes possible for you as you use this tool.


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