Possibility Explorer Ep5 – Happy Crappy Holidaze!



Possibility Explorer episode 5 quote

Feeling strange AF? It’s not your fault.

Recognize that you’re highly aware.

The holiday season is like a big game of telephone with billions of people! 

During this episode, I share my favorite tools to have more fun, more space, more lightness, and more of you during this time of year!


  1. Who does this all belong to? 98% of all the yuck stuck wtf are mostly things we pick up from those around us. Now is a really great time to do the 3 Day “Who Does It Belong To?” Challenge! Ask this for everything that comes into your world for three days! Get the FREE app to remind you!
  2. Change the stress with ease! “Everywhere you’ve been buying that the whole holiday season is an obligation and that there’s no space for you, no space for fun, no space for doing what you want to do – everything that creates this as the season of obligation for you – will you destroy and uncreate it all that? And then POD & POC it!” New? Listen to an episode all about The Access Consciousness Clearing Statement.
  3. What if you choose what is light for you? A reminder about the heavy and light tool.
  4. Find the space of you and have it available always. Give yourself the gift of Access Bars®! Check out Access Bars. Find a practitioner near you and get your Bars run!
  5. Meet Justan Ipov and make him your best friend. The tool that gets you to true allowance, where everything is just an interesting point of view.
  6. Destroy and uncreate the PESJRs. Perceive the freedom that could be possible in your world if you weren’t at the effect of projections, expectations, separations, judgments, and rejections.





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