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Creating your epic life – possibility-explorer-ep9


Creating your epic life – possibility explorer ep9 quote

Hello beautiful people! Welcome to the ninth episode of the Possibility Explorer Podcast. It is truly a great pleasure to be here with you.

Have you noticed that things are changing? …Can you sense it in the wind? For those of you who are willing to explore a different possibility, now is our space for possibilities!

Today, we’re going to be exploring 12 uncommon tips for creating your epic life (aka, your future 😉) with ease. These tips, tools, and questions are uncommon because they come from the perspective of you being the valuable product.

You might know that I wrote a book called Being You Changing the World, and one thing that I have learned so dynamically from that is, that us being us, creates different possibilities.

What if you don’t have to play by anybody else’s rules to create the life you would truly like to have? You may say I’m a dreamer, but I actually believe in miracles. I believe our lives can and should be way more miraculous if we allow them to be.

I also think that one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself is celebrating being alive.

So, are you ready? Take a dive into this episode and see what opens up for you.



  1. Find someone or something to celebrate every single day.
  2. Ask: What’s possible for me today that creates my reality in a brand new way? And then, see what shows up.
  3. Ask: What is this thing for me today? In other words, you want to look at your life and the things that show up fresh every single day.
  4. Approach each moment as a question of What else is possible here? and What is truly possible that I’ve never considered?
  5. Ask: If I were truly creating my life and reality beyond this reality today, what would I choose right away?
  6. Ask: What space can I be that will allow me to actualize miracles as my reality?
  7. Ask: What miraculous joy can I choose, and where do I find it?
  8. Write down the top things you are judging yourself for and ask:What would true allowance for this be? and What do I have to be, do and choose to get to allowance?
  9. When you feel contracted, find a sliver of life/light that is you, and push it out and expand it.
  10. Make a list of resources that return you to you. A list of things that, when you choose them, lighten up your world.
  11. Realize that anytime you are triggered by someone or something, you’re not being you.
  12. Ask: What am I grateful for today about me, the world, and my life? You can even start a gratitude journal. Every day write something you are grateful for about you, the world, and someone you are grateful for and why.




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