Return of the Gentleman

Return of the Gentleman

What if you woke up tomorrow and had no judgment of you for the man you be? Or if you looked in the mirror and actually liked the man that was looking back at you?

What if the “norm” is not where you have to play? What if what we have been taught in this reality is not the way you would like to show up as a man?

What if you know there is something far greater possible to be as a man, you’ve just never had the space and support to ask for it?

A different possibility is available for men on this planet and it starts with you!

What if you are NOT wrong just because you don’t play the game the way you’re supposed to?

What do you know? And what would you like to see men being, choosing, creating and having on this planet?

Would you like to find out?

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–Dain Heer



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