Dain's Round Up | Dr. Dain Heer

Are you ready for something new?

I’m trying something a little different…

…and I want you to join me.

You may have received emails from me before, about my classes and telecalls.
Or maybe you’re new here – in which case, welcome!

But I wanted to destroy and uncreate things, and take it all back to basics.


Welcome to: Dain’s Round Up.

Let me confess something: I’m on a mission to change the world.
I want to spread positivity and kindness as far as possible – I’m talking beyond this world and to the edges of the universe.

I know that not everyone can access a class or course with me – I can’t be everywhere at once (yet…trust me, I’m working on it) – but I have a huge amount of knowledge that I want to share with you. I want you to feel inspired and as excited as I am about the possibilities available for you!


Here’s how it works:

Every 3-4 weeks, I’ll send you a round-up of what I’ve been inspired by, thinking about or mulling on lately. I’ll also point you in the direction of my various pieces of free content (I have a LOT, it’s hard to keep track) to help you on your journey to possibilities.

That’s it! It’s totally free and my gift to you, as a thank you for being here.


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And in the meantime:

Here’s a link to a free audio chapter of my book, Being You.

It’s not going to give you any answers.

But it WILL give you questions that unlock possibilities.

Are you ready to consider that there isn’t anything inherently wrong with you, and you’re a gift just the way you are?

If that question lights up your brain, I think you’ll love the above audio chapter.


That’s all for now.

Grateful for you!