Finding a Sense of Space and Ease in Your Life
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So many of us are looking for a sense of ease and a sense of space. Yet how do we find it when our heads are full of so much STUFF, and stuff that’s not even ours?

What if none of it was yours?

We spend our lives thinking the things we perceive are actually us. What if it isn’t?

There’s a difference between “I’m angry” and “I perceive anger”.

‘I’m angry’ is taking ownership of it and buying it as yours and then responding as if you are that.

‘I perceive anger’ – is more like “Look what I’m aware of. Isn’t that interesting?”

We end up buying so much that is not even ours –  anger, sadness, depression.

If you look for lightness, you can find it. If you look for heaviness or sadness, you will find that too.

Which one would you rather choose?

This interview and the tools I give you, are all about getting to a space where you have different choices available.

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