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It’s Time for Africa!

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I was recently in South Africa, during our 7 day event, and I had a blast! Are you ready for the beautiful chaos of nature and consciousness? What would it take for you to have space, beauty and awesomeness in your life? Here is my…Read More

Earth & You

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I think one of the biggest misunderstanding in this world may be that we need more contribution. It creates this constant search for someone to gift to us. What if what we truly lack is someone–or something–to gift to, that actually receives? Receiving and gifting…Read More

The Possibilities of … Peace

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Have you ever been in a forest that has over 365 different kind of trees? An evergreen forest where leaves are falling all year around? I have now. And the sense of peace was like the softest most insistent embrace, all-encompassing. I just leaned into…Read More

A Date with the Earth

We are so incredibly lucky to be living on this amazingly beautiful Earth… Planets like this are hard to find! Yet we forget. We forget that we walk on one of the greatest contributions to our lives, our bodies and beings. What if every day…Read More

Running With The Universe

Here’s a 3-part video series I created for the Tour of Consciousness called “Running with the Universe!” Are you ready to run? Part 1: Universe Show Me Something Beautiful! Part 2: What is different about you, your reality and the way you function, that if…Read More

What if we ARE the world?

When a devastating event occurs in our world, like the recent shootings in Connecticut, or when something tragic occurs in your own life…that’s when these tools I share with you are beyond helpful. What are the tools of Access Consciousness for, if not to use…Read More