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Relationships or Oneness?

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Do you realize that any relationship is actually about the distance between two things? It computes how far away or close are you in relation this person or thing. Rather than being in oneness, we’re all taught to go into digitized relationships that are based…Read More

What If You Were Needless?

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What do you need? Really. Money? Food? A roof over your head? To be loved? To be seen? To be appreciated? To reach your goals? To be successful? To “make it”? What if this whole need thing is just an… invention? A Catch 22 so…Read More

3 Tools to End This Relationship-Killer

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Do you ever notice that when relationships start out, everything is amazing? Your partner is amazing. The time you spend together is amazing. Everything is fun, spacious, joyful, easy, and then… things start to change. That “perfect” person is no longer acting perfect. You start…Read More