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5 Easy Steps to Creation

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What is creation? It is the actualization of your ASK, my friend! Now what if that could occur in much, much, much, much, much more ease than what we could ever imagine? See, most people are taught to create by constantly course-correcting based on their…Read More

Is It Time to Fire Your Mind?

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Do you realize that we use our mind to create a separation between us and our energetic awareness? The mind functions like a very conservative stingy gate-keeper, making sure only what it recognizes and judges as good and real can come through. That, my friend,…Read More

Is It Time to Put Yourself First?

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What if when you put yourself first, you actually have more energy to give everyone else? What if it weren’t selfish, but actually the way to create more in your life? Watch the video below as I talk with Deborah Hutton, the Creator of Balance,…Read More

Creating Your Future Today

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What if everything that is going on for you today is actually the result of every single choice you made in the past? Yes, EVERYTHING! And yes, every choice. Just ponder that.  Daunting? Or…exciting? See, if that is correct, your choices TODAY, your choice right now,…Read More

The Infinite Space To Choose From

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Today I am venturing into that area of CHOICE! I’ve been noticing that a lot of people make choices from that space within them, where all the wrongness and judgment lives. As if that is the safe space for choice… WHAT IF IT ISN’T? What…Read More

Living the Life You Deserve

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A new V-LOG for YOU with behind the scenes footage from my time in Australia and Japan! Living the life you deserve … and rare footage of me dancing… What possibilities are available that you haven’t yet chosen my friend? Until next time or the…Read More

Are You a Magician in the Making?

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I once described the Energetic Synthesis of Being class like this… “It is the way of using the magic you had when you were a kid to change everything you want to change as an adult.” That is still one of the best descriptions for something…Read More

Living As the Question

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Most people function in their lives from a lot of conclusions. For example the conclusion that, ‘These are the only possibilities I have; these are the possibilities I don’t have.’ What if instead of functioning from conclusion, you could use questions to change anything in…Read More