Being a Leader in a World of Difference

In the world of difference that we live in, most of us have been looking for someone or something outside of us that inspires and creates change.

What if now is the time for something different?

What if what the world needs right now are people like you, who are willing to take the lead on creating a different tomorrow? To lead, not by shouting or by force, or with intensity or anger, but from the gentleness of being that you are and have been since you got here?

What is it that you KNOW that know one else knows? What is it that you BE? And, what can your very presence invite everyone around you to?

Each one of us has an amazing capacity to shape this planet’s future into something greater, but few of us have actually chosen to be it in the world — yet.

A different tomorrow is built by the dreamers — the people who are willing to take the lead without expecting anyone to follow.

Are you ready?

You are the change the world requires my friend.

Until next time,