What If Being An Empath Could Be Easier? - Dr. Dain Heer

One of the strangest parts of this reality is that no one tells us that we’re really really REALLY energetically aware.

You, my friend, are actually like a huge radio receiver and you’re aware of every single thought, feeling and emotion of everyone around you.

And again…NO ONE TELLS US. In my book, that is just crazy!

If I ever met an alien, fresh from the spaceship, trying to make sense of this reality, this is the very first tool I would give them!

Just look at it: if you had known, from the time you were born, that 99.9% of what goes on in your head is not yours…would you have made it all so REAL?

It is time to revisit one of my favorite tools and take it a step further.

Click below for the video!


What would you choose right now if you didn’t have to make anyone else’s reality, world, thoughts, feelings and emotions real for you EVER AGAIN?

Just saying!


P.S. – *If you’ve never heard of the Access clearing statement, go HERE!