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If no one ever teaches you how to be, how can you step into an awareness of what it’s like to be you?

One thing that can assist is to look for times in the past when you chose to truly be you. These were times when you had no thought, no judgment, total peace, and a joy in just being, with no point of view. Oh yeah, you probably also had a sense of exuberance and possibility. Those were the times when you were being you.

Let me give you an example from my life that may assist:

One year, I volunteered to ride in the California AIDS Ride. It’s a 600-mile bike ride over the course of a week, and you ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

The reason I volunteered to be a rider for this amazing event is because the previous year, in my last year in chiropractic college, I volunteered as a student chiropractor to treat riders for the same event. All the money raised by the riders went to services for people who had HIV or AIDS. We were the ones helping the riders make it through the week. As chiropractic volunteers, we were on the front lines, treating the riders who desperately
needed our services.

Many times over the course of the week-long event, I was brought to tears by the courage of the riders I had the fortune of treating. There were grandmothers, grandfathers, brothers, sisters, lovers, parents and friends, riding because their loved ones had HIV or were dying of AIDS.

There were people with HIV, who were riding to tell the disease: “You don’t own me! You may eventually kill me, but not today, and not without a fight!” The courage these people had, and their lack of judgment, and the sense of communion we all shared inspire me to this day.

This ride was the one place I had been where there was a large group of people, and no one was judging anyone else. It was one of the first times I had ever experienced that everybody was there to assist and empower everyone else. There was a greatness that I perceived possible in that, and I said to myself: “You know what, I’ve got to contribute to this. Next year I’m going to ride this damn thing!”

Even though I hadn’t been on a bike since I was 16, I made the demand that I get a bike and learn to ride it. I bought a bike from a fellow chiropractic student that was a former racer. I started out very slowly at first, and trained myself for several months. I did everything I could to raise the $2,500 required to ride, and I had some amazingly generous people donate to me so that I could pursue this dream.

Finally, after months of preparation and fund-raising and learning to actually ride a bike again, I was on the ride! I was riding alongside people who should not have been able to ride a bike 600 miles ever—and they were there riding because it meant so much to them. As it did the previous year, the ride opened my being to a whole new awareness of what we, as people working together, are capable of.

On the really long hills, many people were like “I don’t think I can make this, I think I’m going to die first.” On many of them, I would ride up the hill and then I would ride back down, cheering people on from the other side of the road, and then I would ride back up the same hill again, still cheering and yelling, “Riders, you can do it! This hill can’t stop you! You’re kicking its butt! Go riders!”

This was one of the first times in my adult life that it was clear to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was being a contribution to other people. When these people saw that someone cared about them enough to cheer them on, (and ride these amazingly long hills twice to do so) it gave many of them the strength to continue.

One lady, apparently remembering my registration number and my bike, came up to me at a rest stop and told me that my riding back down the hill and cheering the riders on inspired her to continue riding that day. She said she was almost exhausted, and she asked God for help, and 20 minutes later I rode by, cheering like a crazy man. She said she laughed and cried and carried on. At which point I cried, we embraced, and I realized what a gift we can all be to each other if we choose to be it.

In that gifting I was also receiving so much contribution, simultaneously, it’s hard to put into words. So I hope you get the energy I’m trying to convey. This is one of the examples that I’ve got from my life of what it feels like when I’m truly being me, with no judgment, no point of view, but also with a sense of exuberance and possibility.

When I rode in this event, riding up and down the hills a second time, I could no longer deny the energy of what it was like to be me. How much energy have you used against you to deny the energy of what it’s like to truly be you? Everything that is, will you destroy and uncreate all that please and claim and acknowledge how amazing you really are? Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All Nine, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.™ Thank you.

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That week changed my whole life, and I’ve been different ever since. It is part of the reason I had the DrDain_Bicyclecourage to stay alive when I really wanted to kill myself. Somewhere, I knew that energy and possibility for being was there, because I could never totally deny it after the experience I had on the AIDS Ride. I knew it was there. I just couldn’t access it at the time.

Why this story from my life? To get you to look at yours. When have you been so dynamically, unquestionably you, with the exuberance, the peace, and the no-judgment you know you really are?

Not everyone can go on an AIDS Ride, so let me give you a slightly- different example. When I was six years old, my Mom took me to Idaho to visit my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family members. One of the great things about those years in a small town in Idaho was that a six-year-old could walk to the local store on his own.

That is just what I did! I went to the store, and I took all the money that I received from my latest birthday (that I had been saving up for my trip) and I used it all to buy little tins of lip gloss for my grandmother and each aunt and uncle that I was going to visit.

It brought me such joy to hand them each my little gift! It apparently brought them joy, too. They smiled and most of them cried, especially when, unbe-knownst to me, my mother let them know that I had taken all of my own money, gone to the store on my own, and purchased these items because I wanted to give them a gift.

This is another example that I have looked back on when I have wanted to know what it feels like to be me. I think of the generosity that six-year- old had, and that willingness to spend his last penny to make others happy. I think of that whenever I feel strange about money or whenever I feel in judgment of me. Somehow, it reminds me that there’s something else available for me to choose.

The really important question here . . . what else is available for you to
choose . . . that you haven’t chosen . . . maybe for a very long time???

Everything that doesn’t allow you to be everything you truly can be, will you please destroy and uncreate it all now? Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All Nine,
Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.™ Thank you.

Having your reality is not about anyone else, nor does it require anyone else’s point of view, nor is it dependent on anyone else for you to have it. You can have it now! (If you’ll demand it.)

Would you be willing to demand that more of your life show up like that now? And everything that doesn’t allow that to show up for you, will you destroy and uncreate all that now please? Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All Nine, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.™ Thank you.

Would you please now look over your life at three times when you KNOW you were truly being you, and write them below, with some details to jog your memory and awareness? These were times when you had no judgment, total peace, a joy in being alive, and probably a sense of exuberance, too. Hopefully, the examples I’ve given you will assist. Don’t think too much about it. Just go with the first three examples that come to mind. And if you have more than three, please keep writing. Please use another piece of paper if you require one.

If you use these three examples you just wrote down, you’ll have an awareness of what it’s like to truly be you, so that you have something to aim for, something to recall as the energy of you, and something to request of the Universe to gift you more of. These examples are what it feels like when you are truly being you. That feeling, that energy, is your new starting point.

For the next 3 days, every time you think about it, just recall one of these times when you were truly being you and ask this question, “What will it take for more of that to show up now?”

You are on your way to having more of you already! How does it get any better than that?

Extract from the book Being You, Changing the World by Dr Dain Heer

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