Following the Energy
Author   Category Limitless Living

When we sense the energies around us, rather than trying to ‘see’ everything, we dynamically expand our awareness of what is possible.  How does that work?  Well, we can’t see space, however we can sense it.  And it is space (not a vision board!) that contains all of the possibilities available to us!

How much judgment do we have of being ‘spacey’?  What if space is that undefined energy that allows total change and greater possibilities to show up?  Would you be willing to just be with that sense of space that you so often avoid?

Would you like to have a sense of space that could be creative and generative? What if all you need to do is to live in a bigger reality? 

Here’s a question that you could ask if you would like to expand what’s possible… “What choice can I make today that will allow this reality to show up right away?”  (And remember, a question never requires an answer… it is designed to bring you greater awareness of what else could be possible…)

You can discover more about expanding your possibilities by following the energy of space in this audio taster from a recent Being You, Changing the World class.

[audio:|titles=Blog #4 Space & Choice]