How To Improve Your Relationship By Creating Space

It’s no secret than men and women are different. One inherent difference that can cause relationship angst is when a woman wants to “talk” about what’s on a man’s mind.

You see, most women desire to talk a lot more than men. Especially if they have stress or a problem going on in their life. They like to discuss in depth and express what is going on for them, and this allows them to get more clarity and ease with the things that they are dealing with.

Men are often very different.

When a man has something going on in his life, a problem or something on his mind, he requires space. He requires time alone in his cave.

Men tend to withdraw or become preoccupied. They often need to shut out everybody else in order to figure things out. In fact, until the problem is figured out in their head, they don’t often feel like they can let anybody else in to talk about it.

This is when women tend to take it personally, or take it as a sign that their partner doesn’t care about them. Let me assure you, this is not what is going on.

When you see a man retreat, please don’t mistake this to mean that your partner doesn’t care about you, or that there is a problem in the relationship, or that you somehow are a part of the problem.

What if you aren’t wrong? What if your partner isn’t wrong and you are just seeing your difference at play here? What if giving your man space could be a good thing?

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