Lack of Self-belief, Sadness and Stuck Bits

I receive lots of questions in Being You, Changing the World classes about how to get past a lack of self-belief, sadness and lots of other emotions.  And energetically I sense how these ‘stuck bits’ take us so many places that simply are not who we truly are!

The good news is, if you will just use these two simple tools on any thoughts, feelings or emotions that are keeping you stuck you’ll find you can shift almost anything… even depression!  How does it get even better than that??

The first tool is ‘Who does this belong to?’  and the second tool is ‘Interesting point of view I have that point of view.’  I explain all in the audio!

[audio:|titles=Blog #7 IPOV]

If none of that lack of self-belief, sadness or depression is yours… what would you like to choose?  And who would you be?  Happy discovering!