Love or Gratitude?

In this reality, we’ve been taught that love is the answer to everything …except when it’s not! And except when the people around you are stuck in the love-hate program! Have you ever noticed that??

So in this audio from the Denver ‘Being You, Changing the World – The Beginning’ class, we talk about how gratitude is actually more like the energy we are looking for when we are talking about love… somewhere along the line the meaning of love started to get a little twisted and confused… so what if we could actually tap into the energies that we are truly seeking?


Another misconception doing the rounds is that we have to put ourselves first… or the other person first… neither of which ever really works. What if there is a different possibility? In Access Consciousness™ we talk about having an ‘insignificant other’ rather than making the other person in the relationship the source of everything.

This means we don’t have to make them more or less than we are… we can actually include them in our lives with gratitude, without making ourselves smaller or insignificant either! How does it get even better than that? Run the clearings in the audio and you could find out!