Money’s Not the Problem – Getting Rid of Judgment

No matter what your current money situation may be, money is not your problem. No matter how little money you may have in this moment, you do not have a money issue. This may challenge your current perception a little bit… may even a lot!

In the midst of working hard and paying bills, it can seem like money is a problem and not just “a” problem; THE problem! And a huge problem too!

Something I learned from my friend Gary Douglas (also the founder of Access Consciousness®) is that “There’s no such thing as a money issue. There’s only an issue of what you’re willing or unwilling to receive.”

If you wish to change your situation with money, if you wish to create wealth and abundance, you must increase your capacity to receive – EVERYTHING. The good, the bad and the ugly.

What is receiving?
Most of us think that in order to receive something, we have to take it in and take it on. But that’s NOT what it means to receive. When you receive something, you simply let it through. You don’t take it in. You don’t buy it as real and true. You just let it through.

Let me explain. Let’s say that someone really admires you. You are aware of their admiration. You are aware of that energy. You allow that energy through you and you don’t have a point of view about it. You don’t make it significant. You don’t make it valuable. You allow it to contribute to you in whatever way it can and you let it through.

Now let’s say that someone thinks you are a lying, conniving jerk. You are aware of that energy. You don’t make it significant. You don’t buy it as real and true. You don’t align and agree with it. You don’t resist and react to it. You allow it to go through, with no point of view.

Everything is energy.
The only difference between the energy of someone admiring you and the energy of someone thinking you are a jerk, is your judgment of that energy. Admiration is seen as “good” and being a jerk is seen as “bad.” When you take away all labels and judgments, energy is just energy.

Getting rid of judgment.
One of the greatest detractors from receiving and from actually having the money we desire is our judgments. Our judgments of everything: the good, the bad, the right, the wrong… they kill us. And they kill our money flows.

Have you ever noticed that the right and wrong, good and bad point of view that we try to take isn’t actually true for children? Children don’t have a point of view about something being right or wrong. They choose something. Ten seconds later, they choose something else. They naturally function from choice; not judgment.

We started out that way too. But as children grow older, they are impelled with the point of view that judgment is required to keep them safe. It’s not actually true. It’s awareness that’s required… not judgment. Yet, we end up mimicking our parents, taking on their points of view and stepping into judgment.

Every judgment you have puts up a brick wall around you that limits receiving.

Would you be willing to let go of judgment? ALL OF IT! Would you be willing to destroy the wall?

What if everything was just an interesting point of view? Someone admires you… interesting point of view. Someone despises you… interesting point of view. Staying in interesting point of view allows all judgments to go through. You become the energy and the space of receiving, just like you were when you were a little kid. And, when you’re willing to receive everything with no point of view, money increases, joy increases, and things get so much easier.

So how about it? Ready to let go of judgments? Ready to live your life from choice? Ready to receive it all?