1 Simple Tool to Feel Like Yourself Again
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Do you sometimes do or say something that really doesn’t feel like you AT ALL?

I do.

And I hate not being me which, silly enough, really only brings me even further from me. (How does it get any better than that?:-))

Well, if you, my friend, ever had a time like that, this is a tool for you!

Here is the question again:
If you were truly being you right now, who would you be, what would you be, where would you be, when would you be, why would you be and how would you be would you be?

Maybe write it on a little piece of paper? Or add it in your phone?

Just so you have it available in times of need; when you lose you!


P.S. – Starting July 31
I am so looking forward to seeing some of you in person at the end of July! The Being You Changing the World 3.5 Day Event in California starts on July 31 and you can join us in person, in beautiful San Diego, or streamed online from anywhere in the world. Find out more about this event HERE.

If you were truly being you, who would you be?
What if, who you are, is far greater than anyone has ever acknowledged?
Are you ready to take living to a whole new level?

P.S.S. – *If you’ve never heard of the Access clearing statement, go HERE!