The Gift of You - Question Loop

Hello friends! I’ve put together a new question loop for you 😊 This series of questions is designed for you to acknowledge the gift and space of you!

Let it play and see what opens up and what you become aware of. And, if you really like using the Clearing Statement, you can say it throughout the video to clear any energies that are coming up!

(For more on the Clearing Statement go to

Watch this video and dive into the questions below!

🌟 What space of ease, joy and glory can you now be that will change everything for you and your reality?
🌟If I could have anything show up in the next 13 months what would it be?
🌟 What is the upgrade in “ask and you shall receive” that has occurred that none of use has acknowledged, that if we were to acknowledge it would allow you to ask and receive from and as a different space?
🌟 What gift are you that you aren’t acknowledging because others won’t validate it for you?
🌟 What space of ease, joy and glory can you now be that allows you to be unfathomable to everyone intent on maintaining this reality?
🌟 What gift are you that you’ve been pretending not to be or denying tha you are because stupid people don’t seem to get it?
🌟 What capacity for Choce do you have that goes way beyond what you consider normal, real, or appropriate that if you acknowledged it, would allow you to choose everything you desire and more with total ease?
🌟 What if you, truly being you, with the sense of gratitude, the space, the difference, the joy, the yumminess, the enthusiasm you are, is the gift, the change and the possibility this world requires?

You are my friend! 🙂

See you soon somewhere in the world?