The Space of Creation
Author   Category Limitless Living

Yes, I am back on the ocean again, riding my jet-ski! How did I get so lucky?

When I am dancing with the water, there is NOTHING in my head; no thoughts, feelings, emotions or computations about the right or wrong waves.

Just space. I am the ocean.

And I used to get really wonky when I had this much space. I used to wonder where I went and what was wrong since there was this huge void where the drama and trauma used to hang out.

Then I realized that what I defined as empty (and a void) was actually SPACE. The space of true creation and true possibilities.

Come along and explore this with me on the waters just off Noosa beach!

What if creation can occur faster the more space you have and be?

If so, how much space are you willing to have and be? Today? 🙂


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