The Washington DC Adventures

As some of you know, I attended the Christmas party at the White House a couple days ago… I walked through the rooms, accompanied by the remnants of the past and the whispers of the future. So grateful for having that.

Here’s a video from the party: Washington Adventures, Part 1!

And now… onto part 2… Do you ever dream of a different world? I know I do. I also know that WE are part of creating that — something way greater than has ever existed before. If not us, whom?

When the party at the White House was over, I went into the night (as you’ll see from the lighting in the videos) and explored monuments to a few of the phenomenal beings that came before us, that paved the way for new possibilities for us all.

I was touched. It truly shifted something in my world.

Here’s the after party video: The Washington Adventures, Part 2!

Their true courage to stand up for their convictions in the light of seemingly-impossible odds and huge amounts of resistance they faced made me think of us, and the capacity we all have within us to stand up for our convictions—to stand up for what we know. And in many ways, I was astounded to realize that the world they fought for, the world they died trying to create, is still not upon us. What would it take, my friends, for us to create the world that these phenomenal people spoke of and dreamed of? What would it take for us to create the world YOU truly know is possible? Right here, right now.

And what would it take for us to breathe life again into the things that are valuable to us? And to the world we would like to create? What if it is time to get totally present with your life? If you didn’t have to wait for anyone else to change the world, what would you demand of you?

If not now, when? If not us, whom?


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