What If Nothing Was Wrong With You?
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You know those times when you meet up with a friend, and as soon as you walk into the room you know something is off.

Your friend, however, is all smiles and assures you that everything is fine. Why wouldn’t it be?

Here is the thing; what your friend says to you, and what you perceive energetically, are two completely opposite things.

What I noticed is that many people have no idea what to do with this incongruence. It feels like a lie to them. They get wonky, uncomfortable and often convinced that it is their fault. And remember, in the moment you go to wrongness…you lose YOU!

What if you instead were willing to trust you?
What if you could acknowledge that you have an awareness of energy that gives you the information about exactly what is going on in a split second?

Come along to San Diego and explore this with me!

Is now the time to start choosing to be you, independent of everyone around you?

I know it is for me.


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