What If you didn't have to be right
Author   Category Limitless Living

You know those people that have to be right all the time? Do you sometimes get annoyed by them? Just a little? 🙂

Here is the thing; If someone functions from the rightness of their point of view, everything stops moving and contracts instead. There is no way to explore what is really going on or what is truly possible with the ”right answer” already in place. 

Now, people who are sure they must be wrong actually create something very similar! Going to the wrongness of you stops everything in it’s tracks and there you are, blind to what may actually be the strongness of you!

Come along to Venice and let’s explore what would be possible if you never had to be wrong again. (Or right.)

Your tool for today:

Ask: “What is right about you that you’re not getting, that if you would get it would change everything and the world?”

Just saying!


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