Dr. Dain Heer about Access Consciousness
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My name is Dain Heer and I would like to share my story with you, if you allow me.

Let me start by saying that I don’t have any answers for you, just questions.
What is true for you? That is all that interests me.

I used to have a lot of answers, or I thought I did. Or rather, pretended I did.

Ten years ago, I was starting my second chiropractic practice, and I even had some patients. I was making almost enough to pay my rent: Oh Joy! I had a girlfriend that everybody said was the perfect girl for me – I would have said she was the perfect girl for me at the time.

I had everything that was supposed to make you happy here, except loads of money, but that wasn’t that important to me. And I had tried every single modality for inner peace I could find, but I was still dying inside.

So I told the universe; “You have six months or I’m killing myself. I’ve been here working for you, trying to bring awareness to people, trying to change their lives and their bodies, and trying to change things for the better on the planet, and nothing is coming back to me. If that’s the way it’s got to be – fine. But I’m killing myself. Either things change or I am out of here. “ And I didn’t just mean out of my relationship or Santa Barbara, I meant out of this life.

“There has got to be someplace happier, some other body, some other life. I’ll come back as a gypsy, or an island person where I get to hang out in the islands all day. Or maybe I’ll come back as a Rockefeller and have buckets of money.”

I was willing to end it, because I got to the point where what was, was not enough. I knew it and it gave me this place of being able to not have as valuable, what I had decided was valuable in the past. Everything that I had decided was valuable, I had. And it wasn’t valuable. Do you see what I mean? Have you ever been there, even briefly, to that place?

Literally a week after I made this demand, I saw an ad in the paper, a tiny little classified ad; “Access, all of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory” and it has this girl’s phone number. My reaction was; “Pollyanna put an ad in the paper!” I was furious.  “My life is pain, suffering and gory! What are you talking about? Ease joy and glory. What is that?”

Now, this paper comes out once a week in Santa Barbara, and the next week I saw the ad again; “Access, all of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory”. I’m like ARGHHHH! But long before this, I had realized that if you’re in total resistance to something, there’s probably something there for you, you just don’t know what it is yet. So, since I just wanted to kill the person who put the ad in the paper, I called her and made an appointment…

Call it Divine Inspiration, call it insanity, call it grasping for a lifeboat just before the Titanic that was my life made it’s final shuddering plunge into the abyss … That phone call literally gave me access to my life, and I have not been able to squeeze myself into the box that used to be me ever again. I am so, so grateful.

I had a session with the girl. It is called an Access Bars session and it is a simple process of touching points on the persons head. It was the first sense of peace I’d had in almost three years.  It was the first time remembering everything was ok, everything always had been, and everything always would be… and I never contemplated suicide again.

One tool, one thing, a process that took about an hour… and it changed the energy of what I knew was possible. That is what I’m hoping to share with you: the energetic awareness that a different energy might be possible for you.

Because it’s the energy of your life you’re looking to change. I used to do all these things, all these spiritual modalities, and go, “I want to change this thing, and this thing…” but even if the thing changed, if the energy was still the same, it didn’t matter.

Does that make sense?

Please understand, I had for many years been the one that people looked up to for input, for answers, for advice, or as a role model for their lives. I decided to go to college, and I did it on my own. I decided to become a doctor, and I did it on my own. I decided to write a book, and I did it once again, on my own.

What no one knew was how miserable and unhappy I was most of the time. If you were to tell this story to the people that knew me, many of them would tell you that you were crazy. I was very good at hiding what was really going on from the people that knew me and looked up to me. And quite frankly, I didn’t know for sure that there was anything different as a possibility to living my life. I was doing the best I could with the tools I had available.

What I would like to do I would like to invite you to get a totally different toolbox, that will help you generate a totally different life. And I would like to invite you to the awareness of being, the being that you be that you have never been willing to see before. And what you be is probably totally different than what you’ve ever thought it could be.

You may find a bit of yourself in these words. You may realize that it is within your power, your means, and your ability to really have all those things in your life you truly desire that you had given up on long ago.

And you may even decide that you are not going to live a limited life any longer. It’s your choice. You have a choice.

Now choose.

ACCESS is not about religion or dogma. It’s not about anything you have to believe. It’s about you. It’s about you claiming you and releasing the stuff that makes being you a difficulty or impossibility.

When I met the founder of Access, Gary Douglas, for the first time, he  said that ACCESS was the weirdest stuff anywhere, and he was right. It’s the weirdest thing I have ever found, and it is the most fun I have ever had. It’s that simple.

People in ACCESS use a saying: “All of life comes to me with ease, and joy, and glory.” (Glory is exuberant expression and abundance.) And I must say that from my experience, I have about 200,000% more ease, joy, and glory in my life now than before I started using ACCESS. O.K. perhaps I was wrong about that 200,000%. It’s probably more like 300,000%. There. That’s better.

Make no mistake; this is not intended to be a “miracle cure.” It is not for people who just want to have more tricks to impress their friends. It is not for people who want just one more excuse for why their lives will not work, because WHAT YOU GET OUT OF ACCESS IS UP TO YOU.

It produced literal miracles for me, but that’s exactly what I desired and was ready for and what my life had to have. I literally tried so much of everything else, and it worked only for a short time. I would go to weekend seminars and feel so absolutely incredible for about three days after. And then whatever I had worked on would be back. For me, ACCESS provided the only thing I have yet found which actually produced results that continue to increase and improve.

People have used it to change their bodies, their relationships, their currency flows, their sex lives and more. Quite simply, for me, I have used it to alter my entire life, and I would love to share it with you. If you’d like to hear more about it, please give me a call.

Take this opportunity to access your infinite potential. Allow yourself to claim all of you (perhaps for the first time in your life). It may not be a miracle; it may take you some time; but how much time would you take to have your life be more ease, joy, and glory? And, how could it get any more fun than this?

Consider this an invitation to the life that you always knew could exist, but never knew how to make it happen. The only question is whether or not you have the courage and the willingness to have the life you have always said you wanted.

Only you can decide if Access Consciousness would benefit you. Your life and living, after all, is up to only one person – YOU.

So are you ready my friend?
Would you be willing to be the difference that is required in the world?