3 Questions To Be YOU & Change The World by Dr Dain Heer
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question-marks-stickiesThree questions that could totally change your life… and the world… and the universe… and all of the possibilities that have ever been or could be… wanna play?

1. What is it you’d like to be that you have been unwilling, unable or refusing to be that if you would choose to be it would change everything into something you love a lot more than you do now?

2. What is it you are trying not to be that you already are, that if you would allow yourself to be it would make your life a lot more fun than you ever thought it could be?

3. What is it you would truly like to be, do, have, create and generate, that you have refused to know is actually possible?

Is now the time for change?  Please listen to this audio over and over and over… if you’d like to clear away your limitations around these questions…

[audio:http://drdainheer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Blog-20-Being-You-Clearings.mp3|titles=Blog #20 Being You Clearings]

What if all of this and more is possible?  (It is.. but don’t tell anyone… we wouldn’t want people having everything they desire with this much ease…)

What generative questions do you know that you’d like to contribute to anyone reading this blog post?

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