Joy of Being You Telecall - Free Taster by Dr. Dain Heer
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The-Joy-of-BeingWhere else can we go and what else is possible, together? You’ll realize, oh my God, I’m not alone anymore! There are actually people on this planet that are willing to take these steps too and I thought my whole friggin’ life I was the only one!

What if you’re not alone anymore? What if you’re not alone in desiring joy? What if you’re not alone in having the courage to be different enough to actually choose it?

Your choice to do so is actually making a different choice for your reality. Your choice to say yea, you know what I will let that thing go now, I’ve been holding onto this for way too long, I don’t need this crap anymore – it’s time to go!

This is just a small portion of the possibilities that will be uncovered in the Joy of Being Telecall.

Would you like to hear a bit from the first telecall? It’s my gift to you…


(You Can Also Download it to Listen Later By Clicking Here)

Is this something you’ve been waiting for your entire life? and beyond? There is still time to join us – you’ll receive the digital download of the first class and be able to participate live over the next 10 weeks. You can register for class by clicking here.

What amazing possibilities can we unlock and contribute to each other?

Were you on the first call? What was your experience? Comment Below!