3 Tips For Choosing Happiness Every Day
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Do you ever wake up feeling like the south end of a northbound elephant is sitting on your head? Or wake up gloriously happy and once you start to interact with people and the world, that happy feeling somehow…just disappears? And does this occur more often lately, in the times of the pandemic? Maybe you’re wondering how one could possibly choose to be happy in the midst of a global disaster.

What I know is that your point of view creates your reality. Focus on problems, you will get more of them. Focus on possibilities, you will get more of those too. It truly is a choice. And what IS happiness anyway? What determines who gets to have it and why?

Here are three tools I use to create more happiness every day…


Tip #1: Don’t buy into the panic

And what if it isn’t even yours?

What if ninety-eight percent of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you experience does not belong to you? We are all connected to each other. We are all aware of each other. We are like a radio tower on the top of a skyscraper picking up on every signal within miles.  The next time you start to feel panic, stop and ask, “Is this mine?” If things lighten up in your world when you ask, that panic is not yours. You are simply perceiving the people in the world. When you know the panic is not yours, you don’t have to be at the effect of it. You can even choose to be happy, right in that moment.


Tip #2:  Use this time to press the re-set button and clarify what is true for you

For many of us, unhappiness comes from trying to live someone else’s life. Often we do that because no one tells us we have choice, and choice changes everything. Your choices have created what is your life today. That also means that your choices from this moment on is what creates your future.  Begin to ask questions such as:

“What else is possible here that I have not yet considered?”

“What things are fun for me?”

“If I let go of everyone else’s opinions of who I should be and what I should choose, what do I know?”


Tip #3: A Little Gratitude Goes a Long Way

What we acknowledge grows bigger. When you start to focus on the things that you are grateful for, more of those things show up. If we all feed the wolf of despair, despair will grow stronger. If however, you choose to feed the other wolf, the happy wolf of hope and gratitude, hope and gratitude become bigger. What are YOU grateful for in your life? And what are you grateful for, during this time of change?

Joy can be your daily reality. Don’t buy into the panic that is around. Clarify what you desire to create as your life and future. Always choose gratitude for the wonders, big and small, that are all around. And know that your joy is a gift to the world!

In every single moment, happiness is only one choice away.


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