#6 of 6 Tips for Creating Money with Ease by Being You

Hello beautiful people!

We’ve made it to #6 of the 6 Tips to Create Money with Ease by Being You! 🥳

Now, if you remember, I kinda left you on a cliffhanger with the last tip… so this tip is the very next step.

So, what do you do when you realize that you are not being YOU with money? Or that you’ve got some points of view that are coming up and sticking you?

You POC & POD it!

What the hell does that mean?  Join me on this video where I discuss this further…

POC & POD are like the super heroes of consciousness. They are an acronym for Point of Creation and Point of Destruction and are the short hand for a longer energetic clearing statement.

This clearing statement is one of the best upgrades in personal development…if I may say so myself 😉

You can go to theclearingstatement.com to learn more about this tool.
In the meantime try it out and let me know what you notice!

What’s super cool is that you don’t have to identify or know exactly what you are changing for it to change…you simply say the clearing statement and let the energy shift and see what shows up.

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Oh the possibilities 😎

What else is truly possible for ease with money when you embrace the gift that you be?!

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