69 Shades of Hedonism - Is Now the Time to Thrive?

How often do you allow yourself to choose something just because it would be pleasurable to you and your body? How often to you allow yourself to indulge in that pleasure without judgment or guilt? How many walls and barriers come up just at the thought of adding more pleasure to your life69_Facebook_Sq?

The pursuit of pleasure…a.k.a hedonism…is one of the most judgeable offenses on the planet. Ever notice? And, that’s just the “pursuit” of it. Now imagine how judgeable it is to actually be and receive total pleasure with every molecule in the Universe all the time!!! That would be very bad and very wrong…and yet do you notice how something about it feels so light and yummy to you and your body?

I’d like to gift you 10-min audio clip about the Hedonistic Adventure of Living download here: https://www.yousendit.com/download/UVJqK0dveDNreEQ0WjhUQw

So, what if hedonism is actually the energy of living—of thriving—of feeling totally orgasmically alive? You know that feeling you get when you are walking tall and strutting your stuff? That’s what I’m talking about. When was the last time you woke up with that feeling? When was the last time it actually lasted for a whole day, a whole week or even a whole month? What if everyday you could wake up and ask, “If I were truly living today from the total joy and adventure of being alive what would I choose?”


I have a very different teleclass … for very different people… called 69 Shades of Hedonism starting on April 10th.  For six weeks we will explore what could actually be possible if we would all start choosing to create our lives from the joy, the adventure, and the pleasure of being alive. We’ll be looking at hedonistic ways to create your business, your relationships, money flows, your body and your future.  Are you willing to have that much fun? This class could be the start of something completely different! You’ll know if this class is for you. If you’re interested in signing up you can go here.

If not, I invite you to start asking “What 3 things can I do today that would be pleasurable for me and my body right away?” And then see if anything in your life changes. We’ve got a world to change people…and what if you, being you, are the gift and change this world requires? How does it get any better than this and what else is possible?