If You Had No Past, Who Would You Be?
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If you had no past, who would you be?

Now, asking that question in Rome, Italy, may seem next to rude…and yet it is so relevant! Somehow history is more present here than anywhere else. It walks along side with you, wherever you’re heading in this incredibly beautiful city!

Let me take you to a balcony of Hotel Ambasciatori in Via Vittoria Veneto, Rome, Italy for a look at you…without a past…

So, what limitations of the past — are you allowing to run your present — that are contributing to undoing your future?

Here’s the tool/process for today:

What of your past are you defending for or against, that if you didn’t defend for or against it, would allow you to have and be all of you and create your future of your dreams?

That’s all for now friends. Next up – Being You with Your Body in Amsterdam! Thank you for you!

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