A Fun Tool To Get Out of A Crappy Reality

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I have a quickie for you.  An essential piece of information on this amazing journey of consciousness.

Here we go.

The first step of changing something is acknowledging what is. Once you acknowledge what is, you can change anything.

Would you like a live example from yours truly? Come along to the green luscious wet yummy rain-forest of Costa Rica….

Yes, it can be that easy!



PS. I recently flew to Houston for the first time since the devastating floods … We weren’t able to go home, but I am so grateful we had the resources to stay at a hotel while our home is being fixed.

There are so many others out there who lost everything.

For those of you who have asked to contribute to us, here’s our “how”. We’re raising money for families who are far worse off than us.

Share. Contribute. Whatever works for you.

What gift can we be with and for each other?