A Holiday Edition For Possibilities
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How big are you willing to be with your family?

How uncomfortable are you willing to make them by going beyond all the roles you’ve been given and bought as true?

How much space are you willing to invite them to by not turning yourself down?

And how much change are you willing to create by just being…you?

Please know, some of you would probably prefer going head to head with an angry lion than rocking the boat called FAMILY.

Here is a video that could assist, straight from a house full of family!

It is just a choice.

However, once you get started, it could be the greatest of gifts for everyone around.  What if this is what everyone has been waiting for?

What if there is something amazingly different possible with family? Where total allowance, trust, vulnerability, gratitude, honor…and JOY is possible!

Just saying…

You, my friend, are the invitation.


P.S. Oh, and really, this isn’t just about Christmas, of course… These questions and tools are for anyone who has, have had, or know a family, and run into them from time to time!

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