Always Been Different?
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Ever since I was born, I have been different.

As a kid, I had so much energy that my face would twitch. I would run around in circles…

And there was absolutely no way I could fit in as the only person of my kind growing up in the ghetto!

Have you always been different?

What if being different and being weird is a gift?

One of my asks for this year is to contribute as many things as possible to pop open people’s worlds to what you, and what we, are truly capable of.

What if WE are the weirdos, the different ones, the dreamers, the ones that know something else is possible, for all of us?!

Is now the time to acknowledge and BE the tornado, that meets a unicorn, that meets a volcano, that meets the undefinable universe … beyond this reality … you truly be?

Sound kinda like you?

Let’s stay weird. Together!


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