Are You A Problem Solver?
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Are you a problem solver? A proud one? 🙂

Well, if you are a problem solver — what do you have to create? You get one guess, my friend!

Here is the thing, proud problem solvers are often very preoccupied, looking for what can go wrong = the next problem to solve.

I used to be one. I used to frantically trying to predict the next problem so I could avoid it, and then I had to create it to prove that I was right — and prove that I could resolve it.

Argh. Esch. Phew.

Maybe read that sentence again? I know it can make your head spin!

Ready to have it spin even more? If yes, please come along to this special installment of the Tour of Consciousness from beautiful El Lugar, Costa Rica!

Today’s question: What would your life be like if you choose to be a possibility seeker instead of a problem solver?

Warm regards,
Former Problem Addict

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