Ask For More - 10 hour loop
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If you have been asking for things that don’t seem to be showing up… get a much larger ask. 😉

In order to actualize your asks, you have to be enthused about them.

Enthusiasm is where your creative mojo actualizes your request.

What if instead of withdrawing when things get intense before a leap… What if you leapt even bigger?

It doesn’t matter what it looks like, just leap and soar. Be so energetic that the world has to catch up to your nonverbal reality.

Join me for this discussion and Energetic Synthesis of Being Loop, where I talk about this further and we explore this together….

What if you could ask for your whole world to be that infinite simultaneity of gifting and receiving?

Let’s go, beautiful people!

Let’s journey through the undefined realms of the Energetic Synthesis of Being. Thank you for joining me on this 10 hour loop. If you’re curious to learn more about the ESB go to

What else is possible now, my friends?!


P.S. And for further exploring right now…

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