Ask You Body, Your Best Friend Forever
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How do you usually make friends?

Do you tell them how to move? Make them eat things they don’t like? Have sex with people that make them go ” Ehh!”? And judge them continuously for not being beautiful, thin, tall, or strong enough?

Well, if that is the case, my guess is you don’t have that many friends. 🙂

And yet, that is very often how we communicate with our bodies…

No wonder they sometimes don’t want to play with us!

Come along and let me tell you about the first step to inviting your body to be your best friend forever…

What if we all started saying thank you for our body, every evening before we fall asleep… and when we wake up in the morning?

Just saying!

What if your body could be your best friend?!

The Cookie Monster
(Say what? Watch the video!)

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