Be Different. Be You. Stay Weird.
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Be Different. Be You. Stay Weird.

It’s the weird ones, the strange ones, the different ones that change the world. If each of us were willing to be as weird as we are, what would it create?

I have a notion…

It would create a place where all of us would be a contribution to each other.

This video is a clip from a 1-hour class filmed in Washington, D.C., about an acknowledgment of you as the being that you are.  To me, being too different is one of the greatest gifts you can be in the world….

When you are living your life just trying to fit in, it means you have to compress yourself to navigate the cracks of other people’s realities.

And then you wonder why you don’t feel fully alive.

Once again, I have to say….

To me, being too different is one of the greatest gifts you can be in the world.

We require to be something different in the world right now – in our personal lives and in the larger world – to create a sustainable living Earth and a planet that is more joyful and fun to be alive on!

Find out more about the recording of the class here:

What else is possible now, as we each BE US?!

I wonder… 🙂

Grateful for you,


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