Be Different, Stay Weird, & Be Happy

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Venus Castleberg on her podcast “Leaders For A Conscious World” about being different, staying weird and how it relates to all aspects of life and living.  What if you were different enough to choose the path of possibilities? And what if you are a unique gift to the planet?


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What invitation could being different and staying weird to the world? Would you be willing to be you and be happy?

We each are a unique, different and weird gift to the planet.  What if you could have that sense of you and be you? And if every molecule of the universe is here to contribute to you and to you being you, what would be possible then? And what is possible now?


P.S. For more information about the podcast and for the full episode, please visit here.

Can You Imagine A World Where Everyone Knows They Can Make A Difference? What if we could create a conscious world that offers different choices? Where our futures are creative, generative and sustainable, and each of us is a contribution to the greater possibilities that consciousness offers?

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